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Dance With Me

Volume 11) (COME ON) DANCE WITH ME (Johnny Burton) (B. Boyce) 2) NOBODY'S BOY (Dick Jordan) (Porter-Jordan) 3) OH, PEE DAY (The funky Llyod Price orchestra) (L. Price) 4) YOU WON'T FORGET ME (Toni Fisher) (Spielman-Gael) 5) DANSERO (Timothy Hay) (Hatman) 6) STRANGER IN THE WORLD ( Dick Jordan) (Greenfield) 7) PUNCH AND JUDY (James Darren) (Mandels-Sachs) 8) SO LITTLE TIME (Duprees) (Reddon-Catana- Weismantel) 9) HUNG OVER (the Martini's) (Keyrs-Axton) 10) LADY LOVE (Billy Butler) (W. Butler) 11) MY KIND OF BABY (Lula Reed) (L. Reed) 12) MY LOVING TIME (Jimmy Hughes) (Thompson-Stafford) 13) LAND OF DREAMS Perry Cole) (Cole) 14) SPEAD (The Soul partners) (Carey) 15) HALF A MAN (Howard Tate) (Ragavoy-Elgin) 16) IF HE MAKES YOU (Nolan Chance) (Chandler-Davis-Sheppard) 17) WHO NEEDS YOU (Bobby Paris) (Young-Paris) 18) TEEN SCENE (Noble Watts) Pamison) 19) WATCH OVER HER (Wade Flemons) (Gaudio-Valli) 20) PERDIDO STREET (Herp Hardesty) (Reichener- Hardesty) 21) INSULT TO INJURY (Timi Yuro) (Weiss-Edwards) 22) HOLE IN THE WALL (Billy Larkin) (Cropper-Jackson-Jones) 23) WHILE THE RECORD GOES AROUND (Playmates) Vance-Pockriss) 24) THE NIGHT (Dee dee Sharp) (Mann-Appell) 25) LOVELY LADIES Pimmy Hughes) (Penn-Hall)

Volume 21) HEARTLESS LOVER (Dick Baker) (Baker) 2) THEN ONLY THEN (Jb. Love) (Altman-Gimbel) 3) CARBON COPY (Larry Snider) (Mc Cormack-Jordon) 4) WALKING PROUD (Steve Lawrence) (Goffin-King) 5) THAT OTHER PLACE (Wade Flemons) (Ballard) 6) S.O.S. STOP ON HER SIGHT (E. Starr) (Hatcher-Hamilton-Morris) 7) LISTEN (Matadors) (Hugues-Boornazian) 8) THAT WONDERFUL GIRL OF MINE (Ron Jefferson) (Jacobs) 9) BRICKS BROKEN BOTTLES AND STICKS (Dean Parrish) (Bruno-Millrose) 10) MY BABY'S COMING HOME (Spencer) (Rosenblatt) 11) HYPNOTIZED (Kenny Barry) (Meyer-Warren) 12) WHAT SIDE YOUR BREAD IS BUTTERED ON (Diane Pane) (Otis-Williams) 13) DONT LET ME GO (Farl Connelly) (Connelly) 14) BEGIN THE BEGUINE (The Checkmates) (Porter) 15) YOU'RE A HAB IT (The Uptowners) (Hammond) 16) LONELY ROAD TO DAMASCUS (Milt Rogers) (Rogers) 17) l FEEL THE PAIN (Linda Queen) (Christopher-Lombardo-Lollo) 18) REMOVE MY DOUBTS (Stacy Johnson) (Turner) 19) GHOST OF YOUR LOVE (Mike De Nett) (Dolan-Holiday) 20) BRINGING UP WHAT I'VE DONE WRONG (Billy Quarles) (Duncan)

Volume 31 ) GOGGLE EYED. (Craig Alden) (Shumann-Carr) 2) EVERY NOW AND THEN. (Curtis Metland) (Dupree) 3) WATCH OUT. (Dorothy Berry) (Gates) 4) SEE THE BIG MAN CRY. (Ed Bruce) (Bruce) 5) I KNOW BETTER. (The Flamingos) (Nash) 6) THE LOVIN'TOUCH. (Mark Dinning) (Goffin-Keller) 7) IF YOU'RE MOTHER ONLY KNEW. (Miracles) (Rob i nson -Stevenson) 8) RAIN. (The Raindrops) (Williams) 9) SWEET AND INNOCENT. (Clyde Mc-Phatter) (Hall-Sherrie) 10) MOMENTS. (Jennel Hawkins) (Berry) 11) TOY SOLDIER. (Dramatics) (Gates-Brown-Hunter) 12) BILLY'S CHACHA. (Wildcats) (Davis) 13) A FOOL LIKE ME. (Sonny Knight) (Tapper-Bennett) 14) RAINCOAT IN A RIVER. (Sammy Turner) (Schroeder-kaye) 15) CHA-CHA ITALIANO. (Maria Mazza) (Merril) 16) BOOMERANG. (Love Mates) (Faircloth-Berry) 17) COME BACK. (Dean Barlow) (Snyder-Vance) 18) I WANT THAT. (Crash Craddock) (Lewis-Weissman) 19) TICK-TOCK. (Jimmy Jordan) (Jordan) 20) LAMENT. (Mamie Perry) (Perry)

Volume 41) DANCE BY YOURSELF (Justin Jones) (Prosen) 2) NEVER SAY GOODBYE (Jimmy Beaumont) (Keller) 3)TV COMMERCIALS (Barney Kessel) (Kessel) 4) SPANISH RICE (Clark Terry) (Terry) 5) I'LL FOREVER LOVE YOU (Tony Harris) (Harris) 6) LAUGH MY HEART (Malcom Dodds) (Scott) 7) KEEP ME ON YOUR MIND (Kevin Mc Quinn) (Quinn) 8) THE POOL OF LOVE (Bobby Whalen) (Whalen) 9) MARIZINIA (Johnny Starr) (Simonetti) 10) YOUNG DAYS (Randy Lee) (Smith-Joy) 11) ALL I WANT IS YOU (Jt. Rythm) (Hamilton) 12) BRAND NEW MAN (R" Popcorn "Wylie) (Goffin-King) 13) MAMA TELL ME WHAT TO DO (Cardella de Milo) (Kennedy) 14) PLEASE STAY WITH ME (Tony Amaro) (Delys-Miller) 15) SUGAR LIPS (Nicky Vallo) (Leonetti-La Veglia) 16) CHINATOWN (Victor Knight) (Greenfield-Miller) 17) LET HER GO (Gene Stridel) (Wolf-Davis) 18) WELCOME HOME TO MY HEART (Gary Criss) (Brass-Levine) 19) KISS YOUR TEARDROPS AWAY (Laddins) (Elgin-Augustus) 20) GUINEA PIG (Sonny Burke) (Burke)


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