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Best Of The Popcorns

Volume 1 1) Never in a million years (Linda Scott)(Gordon-Revel) 2) My love-my love (Bongos)(Haymes-Acquavida) 3) Strange neighborhood (Gene Mac Daniels)(Perper) 4) Duane (Jo Ann Campbell)(Campbell) 5) Forget him (Bobby Rydell)(Anthony) 6) GLI.amice.e tu (Anka)(Rossi) 7) Tears of misery (Pat Hervey)(Ross) 8) You'll come back (Ronny Douglas)(Douglas-Elgin) 9) I'm afraid to go home (Brian Hyland)(Geld-Udell) 10) I'll follow you Jarmels)(Albert-Turk) 11) Just multiply (Varetta Dillard)(White-Wolfson) 12) Heavenly love (Toni Harper)(Glasseer-Boldi) 13) I really really love you Po Ann Campbell)(Hatcher) 14) Anna (Arthur Alexander)(Alexander) 15) Whatever Lola wants (Della Reese)(Adler ross) 16) You can't never stop me loving you (Kenny lynch)(Samwell-Slater) 17) Find yourself another girl (Jerry Butler)(Mayfield-Butler) 18) Question (P.J. Proby)(Price-Logan) 19) She lied (Jerry Jackson)(Crewe-Gaudio) 20) Little miss understood (Connie Stevens)(Botkin-Garfield) 21) Soul dressing (Booker T)(Jones-Cropper-Jackson-Steinberg) 22) Abracadabra (Erma Franklin)(Mc Coy) 23) You've been cheeting (impressions))(Mayfield) 24) Any other way (Chuck Jackson)(Bell) 25) Lips (Azie Mortimer)(Leiber-Stroller)

 Volume 2 1) Boomerang (Donnie Brooks) (Faircloth) 2) Para-ti, Para-mi (O.K. Anderson) (Anderson) 3) Someday soon (Betty Everett) (Williams) 4) I wanna be your lover (Cascades) (De Vorzon-Chandler) 5) Bringing up what I've done wrong (Billy Quarles) (Duncan) 6) A hundred pounds of clay (Craig Douglas) (Elgin-Dixon-Rogers) 7) Whatever happened to Rose-Marie (Connie Francis) (Hunter-Vincent) 8) Hey little woman (Sony Til) (Til-Lowe-Robinson) 9) You threw a lucky punch (Gene Chandler) (Robinson-White-Covay) 10) I D think it over (Sam Fletcher) (Willingham-Berry) 11) Bring back my heart (Dee Clark) (Otis-Carter) 12) Pretty blue eyes (Steve Laurence) (Randazzo-Weinstein) 13) Love me tenderly (Scott brothers) (Payne) 14) Too long will be too late (Jimmy Justice) (Blackwell) 15) Rhythm (Major Lance) (Mayfield) 16) Let's go baby where the action is (Robert Parker) (Parker) 17) Ain't gonna cry no more (T. Yuro) (Byers) 18) Wade in the water (R. Lewis) (Lewis) 19) A million miles from nowhere (B. Benton) (Benton) 20) Suspecto (Suspicion Italian vers.) (Terry Stafford) (Pomus-Shuman)

 Volume 3 1) THE FEMININE TOUCH (Dorsey Burnette) (Burnette) 2) BAD GIRL (Neil Sedaka) (Sedaka-Greenfield) 3) YOU'RE THE BOSS (Lavern Baker) (Leiber-Stoller) 4) 20.000 LEAGUES (The Champs) (Norris) 5) ALADDIN (Bobby Curtola) (Curtola) 6) MY HEARTS BELONGS TO DADDY (Zola Taylor) (Porter) 7) 36-22-36- (The Dovells) (Malone) 8) TAKE MY LOVE,JAKE MY LOVE (Eartha Kitt) (Perry) 9) MY ROBERTA (Perez Prado) (Prado) 10) DIDN'T I TELL YOU (Tommy Hunt) (Green-Mc Coy) 11) GENIE (Carl Dobkins JR) (Seneca-Villa) 12) BORN TO CRY (Dion) (Di Mucci) 13) KISSES SWEETER THAN WINE (Jimmie Rodgers) (Campbell-Newman) 14) THE VERY THOUGHT OF YOU (Rick Nelson) (Noble) 15) IN MY TENEMENT (Jackie Shane) (Scott-Resnick) 16) HELP ME PICK-UP THE PIECES (Joey Dee) (Nash) 17) Dr RING-DING (Roland Alphonso) (Al Roland) 18) FEVER (Little Willie John) (Davenport-Cooley) 19) WHY DON'T YOU DO RIGHT (Della Reese) (Mc Coy) 20) IMPAZZIVO PER TE (A.Celentano) (Celentano-Del Prete) 

Volume 4 1) IF I HAD KNOWN (Freddie Houston) (Horter-Adams) 2) ALL YOUR LOVE (I MISS LOVING) (Otis Rush) (Rush) 3) WHAT HAVE I DONE? (Jimmy Rogers) (Rogers) 4) BUT I LOVE HIM (Doris Troy) (Kusik-Snyder) 5) LET ME COME BACK HOME (Bruce Cloud) (Johnson) 6) OLD TIME LOVE (Rivingtons) (Frazier-White-Wilson) 7) SIT RIGHT HERE (Rosco Gordon) (Gordon) 8) TABASCO (Amru Sani) (Nelson) 9) MY HEART'S ON FIRE (Billy Bland) (Bland) 10) I WON'T LET YOU GO (Keith and Ken) (Lyn-Lazarus) 11) THAT'S THE WAY I FEEL (Miracles) (Gordy-Robinson) 12) MAGIC IS THE MOONLIGHT (Roosemary Clooney) (Pasqua le-Grever) 13) GIVE ME BACK YOUR LOVE (Marcels) (Smith) 14) HEART OF ICE (Eddie Davis) (Simms) 15) JOHNNY WITH THE GENTLE HANDS (Eartha Kitt) (Carlton) 16) THE TROUBLE WITH GIRLS (James Conwell) (Pullan) 17) I COUNT THE TEARS (Drifters) (Pomus-Shuman) 18) WITCHCRAFT (FOR YOU LOVE) ( Temptations) (Stevenson-Hamilton) 19) I CAN'T STAY MAD AT YOU (Skeeter Davis) (Goffin-King) 20) SWEET AND INNOCENT (Ray Peterson) (Sheril-Hall)  

Volume 5 1) JAIL HOUSE.(Aaron Neville) (Neville) 2) WATCHA GONNA DO.(Chuck Willis) (Willis) 3) TOWER OF STRENGTH. (F. Vanghan) (Bacharach-HiIIiard) 4) YOUNG STRANGER.(Helen Shapiro) (Singleton-oh) 5) STRANGER IN THE WORLD.(Bobby Rydell) (Greenfield-Keller) 6) ALL THE WORDS IN THE WORLD.(Neil Sedaka) (Sedaka-Greenfield) 7) GIRL AFTER GIRL.(Troy Shondell) (Shelton) 8) NOTHING CAN STOP ME.(Major Lance) (Mayfield) 9) 30-60-909.(Willie Mitchell) (Hodges-Mitchell) 10) WELL I ASK YOU.(Eden Kane) (Van Dyke) 11) GOOD THINGS ARE COMIN'MY WAY.(PJ Proby) (Leganit) 12) I WANNA THANK YOU.(J.Burnette) (Mann-Weil) 13) WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN.(Arthur Alexander) (Mann-Weil) 14) RESTLESS. (Johnny Kidd) (Kidd-Wadmore) 15) AIN'T GONNA DANCE.(Five Satins) (Smith) 16) UNDER THE STARS.(Carole King) (King) 17) NOBODY BUT YOU.(Dee Clark) (Clark) 18) I WONDER.(The Pentagons) (Pentagons) 19) MOMENTS,(TO REMEMBER).(The Vells) (Berry) 20) THE RECORD.(Ben E King) (Young-Resnick) 21) STRONG LOVE.(Bill Spencer) (Spencer)  

Volume 6 1) BERMUDA (The Four Seasons) (Crewe-Gandio) 2) ONE WAY TO SAY GOODBYE (Doug Sheldon) (Talmy-Sheldon) 3 I CAN'T GIVE YOU ANYTHING BUT LOVE (Alma Cogan) (Smith) 4 RUNNIN' TO YOU (Mark Wynter) (Anthony) 5) IT'LL NEVER BE OVER FOR ME (Timy Yuro) (Bobrick) 6) WAK-A-CHA (The Cornels) (Engel) 7) NATURE BOY (Bobby Darin) (Ahbez) 8) TWO TICKETS TO PARADISE (Brook Benton) (Smith) 9) THE RIVER'S RUN DRY (Vince Hill) (Van Dyke) 10) THE HAMMER (KEEPS A KNOCKIN') (Faye Adams) (Adams) 11) NATURAL BORN LOVER (The Gum drops) (Wilson) 12) MOTHER IN LAW (Ernie K doe) (Toussaint) 13) FEVER (Little Caesar) (Davemport-Cooley) 14) LONELY TEARDROPS (Jackie Wilson) (Gordy) 15) THE WORRYING KIND (Tommy Sands) (Lampet - Dewaer) 16) BLA BLA (CHA CHA CHA) (Titus Turner) (Lane) 17) I'LL HOLD YOU (Frankie and Johnny) (Patterson-Bell) 18) KOOKIE LITTLE PARADISE (Frankie Vaughan) (Pockriss) 19) DON'T YOU KNOW IT (Adam Faith) (Van Dyke) 20) FORGET YOU (Vicki Carr) (Rascal-Sherman) 21) MONUMENT (Kenny Lynch) (Westlake) 22) AFTER DARK (Les Players) (Roberts) 23) TIME AFTER TIME (Chris Montez) (Cahn-Styne) 24) GENIE (Carl Dobkins) (Seneca)


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